Our solution to embrace the second hand market

Seize this strategic opportunity an jump on the sustainability bandwagon.

« " We make it easy for brands to become market players and offer their customers an experience and level of service that matche their image." »

Enabling brands to easily manage their second-hand offer.

Our solution helps brands free themselves from the technological and logistical constraints of setting up a second-hand infrastructure, on all their markets and distribution channels.

Client testimonies.

  1. « Faume quickly proved to be the best partner to launch this second-hand offer. They are among the only market players who could provide us with a solution that is agile, custom, and aligned with The Kooples' positioning and shopping experience. »

  2. « Thanks to Faume, our customers' shopping experience matches the one they get on our new collections, and we can get back control of our brand image. »

  3. « The main success of this partnership is measured in terms of customer retention and recruitment. Qualitatively, the feedback from customers is very positive and they love this new service. The benefits have been beyond our expectations »

  4. « Faume allowed us to validate the Proof of concept of launching a second-hand offer. From now on, we can consider this market as a real business if we put the means to it. »

We manage complexity

A second-hand business implies being able to collect and re-sell thousands of unique references, which is very different from operating a traditional clothing commerce. These are time-consuming and costly operations that we invest in the optimizaiton of every day.
  1. Digital and physical pick-up
  2. Product conditions
  3. Authentification
  4. Cleaning & repair
  5. Product shooting
  6. Pricing & merchandising
  7. Brand image-compliant shipping
  8. Data sharing

The best reconditioning processes for your items.

Technological tools to control your strategy and manage this new growth driver.

  1. Price Management

    By controlling the price at which products are bought back and resold, you have a strategic control tool to create the best second-hand offer for your brand.

  2. Faume wharehouse management platform

    We provide a software that optimizes operations and reconditioning, which ultimately improves your new business' management, performance and profitability.

  3. Manage your offer and your distribution channels

    Manage and distribute your second-hand offer on your strategic distribution channels.

  4. A performance management tool.

    Access key data to measure the profitability of your second-hand offer.

Capture new customers and generate new revenue by offering them an exceptional experience

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