Support and Expertise

A strong partnership designed to drive your success

FAUME brings in a team of technical and industry business experts specialized in Resale solution and secondhand programs.

Leveraging our strategic expertise, we guide you through project development, implementation, and launch, ensuring your success during the growth phase as well as providing ongoing support. Our comprehensive approach guarantees long-term benefits, driving your business's sustained success and market leadership.

Support & Expertise

Innovative Solution experts

Our solution harnesses the power of omnichannel strategies to help you efficiently build a premium inventory of secondhand items. By selecting only the highest quality products, you can enhance customer satisfaction, drive sales, and establish a reputation for excellence in the Resale market.

Cutting-edge technical experts

Our product teams bring unique expertise to the table. To meet the ever-changing needs of fashion brands, FAUME is committed to developing innovative solutions that facilitate agile deployment for our Resale clients. With continuous development of advanced features, our model ensures scalability, empowering your business to grow, adapt, and stay ahead in the competitive. This approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A dedicated team of consultants focused on your success

Our Solution Expert team helps brands identify the most effective strategies for their Resale business, ensuring a confident and successful project launch. Post-launch, our dedicated account managers and customer care team provide ongoing support throughout the entire growth phase. This comprehensive support guarantees sustained success, enhances operational efficiency, and fosters long-term customer loyalty in a competitive market.


Leading and beloved brands trust FAUME

40 brands

have launched their secondhand business with FAUME

+ 1,2 million

traded products

+ 1 million

product transactions

+700 stores

powered by FAUME's Trade-In solution

Our experts support you throughout your entire marketplace project

FAUME leverages its unique expertise to support your Resale business in every strategic, operational, financial, and technical aspect. From project development to launch, and through the growth phase and beyond, your success is our top priority!

In the design phase, we collaborate to define your objectives, scope, value proposition, business model, and commercial strategy, ensuring a solid foundation.

During development, we provide expert guidance on UI/UX and integration, along with a go-to-market strategy to guarantee a swift and successful launch.

Post-launch, we offer ongoing support during the growth phase, sharing best practices to help your solution thrive and establish you as a leader in the resale sector.

This comprehensive approach ensures sustained success, operational efficiency, and a competitive edge in the market.

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