Our Vision

To lead in sustainable fashion by pioneering circular commerce

At FAUME, our core identity is grounded in leading the charge towards a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry through the business impact of circular commerce

Our Mission

To be the go-to Resale technology partner for fashion brands seeking to unlock profitable secondhand markets

Driven by the vision to champion sustainable fashion, our mission is crystal clear: to become the go-to resale technology ally for fashion brands seeking to thrive in sustainable secondhand market opportunities. Our one-stop-shop resale solution delivers an end-to-end solution, designed for brands aiming to outpace their competitors in the secondhand market. We enable brands to forge new customer connections and deepen existing ones, all within the framework of sustainable and profitable circular commerce practices.

What we provide

We provide an experience-first
Resale solution

At FAUME, we provide a Resale solution designed to create exceptional secondhand shopping experiences for both sellers and buyers, helping brands to unlock new market opportunities while significantly decarbonizing revenue streams and  aligning operations with sustainability goals

FAUME’s Resale solution enables brands to create exceptional secondhand shopping experiences for both their sellers and buyers. Our approach not only helps brands step confidently into the resale market but also ensures that they do so with a focus on profitability and sustainability

Our focus
FAUME: Raising awareness

Raising awareness

We are dedicated to educating fashion brands on the advantages of incorporating a secondhand strategy into their business models. Our SaaS solution provides them with essential insights and tools, highlighting significant economic benefits such as increased revenue streams and cost savings, as well as environmental benefits like reduced waste and lower carbon footprint

FAUME: Customer-centeric technology

Customer-centeric technology

We collaborate closely with brands to develop technology that streamlines and enhances the secondhand shopping experience. Our strong conviction is that delivering an outstanding customer experience will drive the widespread adoption of Resale

FAUME: Highlighting product quality

Highlighting product quality

We advise brands to focus on producing high-quality, durable, and timeless apparel, and to shift from fast fashion to embracing a secondhand strategy through our Resale SaaS solution. This strategy not only enhances brand reputation and customer loyalty but also supports sustainable practices and reduces environmental impact

FAUME: Enabling a profitable business

Enabling a profitable business

We have created a Resale solution that empowers brands to retain their customers and attract new ones, driving increased loyalty and expanded customer bases. Our solution aims to achieve the same profitability within three years as traditional sales periods

FAUME: Fostering an engaging community

Fostering an engaging community

We streamline interactions between brands and their customers, fostering a community dedicated to high-quality fashion. Our solution promotes a shift in current practices towards a more sustainable industry by enabling Resale solutions that reduce waste, increase customer loyalty, and enhance brand reputation

FAUME: Measuring impact

Measuring impact

We have developed a solution that evaluates and measures the environmental impact of Resale activities. Our solution provides frequent, detailed reports, enabling businesses to make informed decisions, boost their sustainability efforts, and enhance their brand reputation by demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility


With this focus in mind, we foster a comprehensive transformation within the industry, motivating brands to embrace ethical practices, create high-quality products, and reap the benefits of sustainable growth. Our goal is to shape a future where fashion is both circular and advantageous for all involved parties.

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