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Meticulously chosen Partners to handle the operations of your Resale secondhand strategy

Our network of partners specialized in the refurbishment of textiles, shoes, and leather goods can extend worldwide to target your strategic markets. These partners are rigorously selected for their ability to scale up while ensuring exceptional service quality. With proven expertise and a commitment to impeccable standards, each partner contributes significantly to the success of our clients' secondhand programs, ensuring undeniable added value from the brands.

Meticulously chosen Partners to handle the operations of your Re-Commerce resale strategy
Managing complexity

Discover the best in refurbishment processes

Resale entails gathering and reselling thousands of unique items, a model significantly different from traditional commerce. These operations are time-intensive and costly. At FAUME, we take pride in our daily investments to optimize these processes.



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Our Partners

Exclusive Refurbishment Partners

Berry Services

Berry Services

Berry Services, a specialist in textile refurbishment in France for 20 years, offers a unique range of services for clothing and fashion accessories, including finishing, compliance restoration, logistics, and storage. Equipped with comprehensive facilities for inspection, ironing, washing, and repairs, and backed by a team of experts from the garment industry, they guarantee superior quality and meticulous attention at every stage, ensuring that each item meets the highest standards.

Erren Recondition

Erren Recondition

Under the leadership of Peter Erren, who has been associated with the company since 1994, Erren Recondition refurbishes millions of shoes, boots, belts, bags, and ready-to-wear textiles in their warehouses in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Erren Recondition owns industrial sewing machines, washing machines, and dryers, allowing them to process various types of products while respecting the environment, with the aim of remarketing them.



BLANC was founded with the mission to revolutionize the dry cleaning industry and prolong the lifespan of garments. Their specialists handle each piece of clothing with expert knowledge of fabrics and designer brands, conducting thorough quality control for every item processed. They simply care more about your clothes, and their operations are at the forefront of innovative sustainable aftercare, prioritizing the well-being of your team and our environment.

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