Gain insights into the secondhand market, its target audiences, and the essential components for crafting a successful strategy


Secondhand buyers consist of either new customers or reactivated ones, which are estimated to comprise 60% of the market based on data from our current projects. This significant percentage highlights the potential for growth and customer retention within the secondhand industry, underscoring the importance of targeted strategies to engage and convert these valuable customer segments.


The purcentage of individuals under 30 expect brands to contribute to the greater good and create a better society. This statistic underscores the growing importance of corporate social responsibility among younger generations, who prioritize ethical practices and positive social impact when making purchasing decisions. Brands that actively demonstrate their commitment to these values are more likely to attract and retain this influential demographic.

A FAUME x Omnicom Media Group study

This white paper presents an opportunity to share the valuable insights we've gathered over the last two years as Europe's leading B2B secondhand fashion marketplace. In collaboration with Omnicom Media Group, we deliver a precise analysis of this market's audience and strategies for effective engagement.

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